Artichoke heaven

July, of all the months in the garden, should surely give us a feeling that this is it…the pinnacle of the year, full-blown summer. It is properly hot and sunny, and Glastonbury looked amazingly free from mud and packed with shiny happy pink and brown people. I considered going…but who would water my pots? Read more


New potatoes


I made enquiries at some Somerset garden centres and nurseries in March, and they all report that sales of seed potatoes, vegetable seeds, onion setts and plants are much higher than last year. Customers have been citing worries about the Brexit deal or no-deal affecting the food supply chain. Read more


Deeper down


It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the weather has a bit funny lately. What with the hottest summer for years and February’s record temperatures, we can no longer be in denial about climate change and the possibility of another scorching summer. Read more


My top 10 perennials


At the time of writing this the rain is battering the borders flat and I have no desire to nip out and see how the garden is doing – whatever it is, it can do it on its own. Read more

garden bird table


Guest Post by Tim Rogers

Nest Boxes in Your Garden: How to Use Them

If you want to attract birds into your garden then providing nest boxes where they can shelter and hide from the weather in the winter months and nurture and protect their young in the spring and summer month is the perfect choice. Read more