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Creating Your Perfect Garden

After our initial consultation, we will agree a bespoke plan for you and your garden that will offer you the joy and pleasure that you’ve been looking for. Here’s how it works.

Your Initial Consultation

Having visited your garden for the first time, by the end of the session with you we will have decided how radically the garden needs to be changed. After the consultation, I will be able to prepare a full quotation for the design work, specifying the process and costs.

What follows in the design process is a full site survey incorporating analysis of the soil, aspect and constraints, such as features to be retained, drains and service cables. I will also advise on which plants will grow in specific situations, such as heavy clay, dry shade, or windy sites, or for particular uses, such as attracting more songbirds and butterflies to the garden.

Whether you want to grow flowers for cutting or pollinators, or perennial vegetables and fruit, I can advise you of my favourite successes in my own garden. Your needs are essential for building a brief for making your ideal garden

Your Design Process

Having accepted your brief and completed the survey, I draw a scaled site plan incorporating existing features to be retained or changed. I will then draw a proposal for your new garden and discuss it with you to ensure you are entirely happy with the layout before completing the final details.

Depending on the scale of the project, the concept plan will be supported by construction details, elevations, perspectives, overlays, planting plans and a material specification – whatever it takes to convey the intent of the design.

You may be planning to build your garden yourself or you may need a landscaper to do it, in which case I can put you in touch with several who have built gardens to my designs, or you could put the work out to tender.

Let's Transform Your Garden Today!

I can provide a project monitoring service while building is in progress to ensure that the design is realised as planned and to help solve any unforeseen problems. We haven’t yet dug up any plague graves or Roman villas but there’s always a first time....

I source plants from local wholesalers at competitive prices including unusual plants and large specimen trees and shrubs