Chelsea Gold Medal 2013  |  BBC Gardener of the Decade 2008  |  BBC Gardener of the Year 1999

A garden is a crucial part of your property, but does yours really pull its weight? It may be time for a change....

Award Winning Garden Design

Since winning BBC Gardener of the Year in 1999, I have been designing gardens in Somerset and the South West. Designing country gardens with difficult constraints such as steep slopes and poor access is my speciality, but I tackle all kinds:-  kitchen gardens, cottage gardens, wildlife gardens, contemporary gardens and gardens by the sea.

I also get enquiries when an extension is being planned.  It can throw the existing garden out of proportion. I can come and suggest solutions that will suit your budget and requirements.

I give feasibility consultations to start all my clients on their garden journey, as there are many gardens that can be improved just by better plants, maintenance and gardening techniques. If hard landscaping is required, or changes of level and a landscaper needed to install the solution, we need to go down the full garden design route and produce scaled plans, sections and constructions details.

Garden Design Services


Let's look at your garden and see what changes we could make this season.....

Garden Design

Let's look at your garden, scratch our heads, and get the tape measures and drawing pad out.....

"Should anyone wish to have their garden freshly designed and created, they can do no better anywhere else than to ask Kathy if she can undertake a project for them"

Ruth & Brian Pettey, Ilminster

"WOW! Thank you so much for such a great evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and said on their way out - That was the best talk so far in the year. So I imagine your ears were burning."

Codford and District Garden Club, 19th April 2017 New Tricks for Old Gardeners

"Thank you so much for your hugely entertaining and enjoyable talk on Wednesday. You give us lots of ideas about how to ensure we rule our gardens, not the other way round."

Cookham Garden Club, near Maidenhead 26th April 2017